…well, one of our great moments was in the dance off. We didn’t tell Dave Bautista. I went up to Lee Pace, and Chris and Zoe. Lee Pace who plays Ronan. And I said, “When Chris challenges you to a dance-off, you know, take him up on it.” And so Chris started dancing. And then Ronan goes, “You got it, pal, you’re on!” And he throws down his hammer and he’s doing this ridiculous dance that his six foot five frame in this gigantic metal object could do. And he’s dancing, and then Gamora starts dancing. And then they turn it over to Dave and Dave is like, “Oh, no.” And he did it, he did, he just started dancing and then, we had about 200 extras on set or something. And all of them started dancing, my brother who plays Rocket on set, started dancing. And I have it all on film, it’s one of my favorite things. It’ll be on the DVD, for sure.
*tries not to explode*

*where’s December when you need it*
*just imagine dancing Ronan*

I want to see this! I fucking need to see THIS :DDD